Know Before You Golf Vegas this Fall

Know Before You Golf Vegas this Fall

Know Before You Golf Vegas this Fall

Planning a golf trip to Las Vegas this Fall? Look out for overseeding landmines!

Traditionally overseeding takes place from mid-August through early October in Vegas, and varies from course to course. Overseeding is the process that makes the golf courses in Las Vegas beautiful and green throughout the Fall, Winter and early Spring. The process entails ridding the playing surfaces of as much of the summer grass (like bermuda) and replacing it with a grass that stays green throughout the cooler months (like winter rye or some similar mix). This overseeding process takes a good 3 weeks and depending on how the golf course is prepped to begin overseeding, playing conditions may not be optimal for an additional week or two. Also, know that these golf courses ispend hundreds of thousands on this process so that your golfing experience will be the best it can possibly be.

Here are some tips on how to best plan your golf trip to Las Vegas anytime between Aug 19th and Oct 10th:

  1. Know how long a golf course was closed for overseeding.

    You will not want to play a golf course that fully overseeded until 28 days from start of the process, and even then conditions can be sketchy depending on how much water is standing in fairways, mowing schedules, rainfall, drainage, soil prep, etc. You can plan around the overseeding schedule, by contacting us at 1-800-841-6570 or check out our overseeding schedule.

  2. Know the courses that do not overseed.

    There are two golf courses in Las Vegas that do not overseed, Silverstone Golf Club and Coyote Springs Golf Club. Siena Golf Club is another favorite during the overseed window as they slit seed fairways rather than fully overseed.

  3. Know what Golf Courses and When

    We're always on top of course conditions, and once the Vegas golf courses are fully grown in with the new grass surfaces, you'd be hard-pressed to find any better and we'll be glad to share with you these options!

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