The Best Par 4s in Las Vegas Golf

The Best Par 4s in Las Vegas Golf

The Best Par 4s in Las Vegas Golf

Par-4's are the backbone of any golf course. Golfers will play more of them than any other type of hole. Par-4's come in all shapes and sizes and the best are not necessarily the longest or toughest. This list compiles some of the best par-4's that Las Vegas has to offer. Some of these golf courses will be familiar, others you might be hearing about for the first time, but any way you slice it, they are all great golf courses.

The Las Vegas National Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Las Vegas. This golf course was designed at a time when working the ball was considered more important than how far a player could hit the ball. This hole features a very dramatic dogleg left that forces the player to hit a draw off the tee in order to have the best angle to the green. The hole measures 442 yards and requires a well-hit tee shot. The best target off the tee is at the palm trees on the right side of the fairway and hit a draw.

If the ball goes to far right the players shot will be blocked by the trees on the right side. The player will be left with a short to mid iron into a green that is guarded by bunkers. This green is fairly small and tends to be on the firm side. Players will often find themselves in the back bunkers with a difficult sand shot.


The Revere Golf Club - Lexington: 3rd Hole

The 3rd hole on the Lexington golf course is a long par-4 that requires accuracy off the tee. This hole plays 442 yards but is slightly downhill, there are bunkers on the right and a desert wash on the left that make this hole very tricky. The fairway narrows as the player gets closer to the green and the longer hitters might be able to hit the ball through the fairway.

The best play off the tee is to hit the ball about 280 yards towards the desert in the middle of the fairway. This will leave a long to mid iron into a green that is difficult to see from the fairway. This is a fairly large green and you will need to check the pin placement before hitting the shot. Take a little extra club as this approach shot tends to play longer than expected.


Reflection Bay Golf Club
: 7th hole

This hole measures 452 yards but gives the player several options to attack the hole from. Depending on which tees you are playing you might have the chance to fly the creek and dramatically shorten this hole. The fairway on this hole is divided into two halves by a small creek that runs down the right side and then crosses over the fairway. If you are hitting the driver well, aim for the right side of the fairway and put everything into your shot. If you get lucky you will fly the creek and have a short iron into the small green.

Most players will need to hit a fairway club into the fairway and have a mid iron into the green. This green is guarded by a bunker in front and behind. The green is located on the banks of Lake Las Vegas and gives the player a great view of the homes and Southshore golf club in the background.


TPC Canyons: 13th hole

This hole could easily be the inspiration for the second half of the name of TPC Canyons. This hole is the first in a series of holes that runs along a deep canyon. The par-4 plays 423 yards but must carry a canyon to a fairway that sits above the level of the tee. Most golfers will want to aim at the small bush just left of the bunker on the right. This will put the golfer in the middle of the fairway and leave the player with a mid iron into this difficult green.

The longer hitters will be able to take off more of the dogleg but be careful of the wind as it will effect the carry. The approach shot is to a medium sized green that has lots of undulations. There is a bunker on the left-hand side of the green that is deep and par will be hard from this location. Par is a great score on this hole.


Boulder Creek Golf Club - Coyote Run: 9th hole

The 9th hole on the Coyote Run course at Boulder Creek has three lakes and lots of bunkers that come into play. This fairway is divided in two sections by a small stream that connects two of the lakes. From the tee players will need to decide if they want to risk the left fairway or play conservatively to the right. Players going to the right will have to weave their ball between bunkers on both sides of the fairway and will have a longer shot into this green. Players going for the left fairway will need to hit a pure driver to carry a pond on the left.

Either way the approach shot will be to a small green that is guarded by a pond and bunkers. There is a bunker on the left side that acts like a buffer for the pond. Make no mistake, it is no picnic to make par on this hole. This is a great hole and could mean the difference between a good and bad round.