Las Vegas Sports Betting Feel the Excitment

Las Vegas Sports Betting Feel the Excitment

Las Vegas Sports Betting Feel the Excitment

Golfers from all over the country flock to Las Vegas during the Football season for the amazing weather and lower rates at some of the most amazing golf courses in the country. But when they are not on one of the many Las Vegas golf courses, their time is spent in the casinos.

Have you ever wanted to watch a football game on a tv the size of a wall? That is exactly what happens every weekend in Las Vegas. All of the major hotels in Las Vegas have huge Sports Books that take bets on almost anything you can think of. Football, baseball, hockey and horse racing are all very popular among bettors in the sports book.

During the NFL and College football seasons, sports betting brings a whole new level of excitement to Las Vegas. Every Saturday and Sunday the excitement in the casino feels like a weekend at Mardi Gras. Spending the weekend in the casino offers the sports bettor the chance to watch all the games on an army of televisions that ring the sports book.

Sports betting can sometimes be difficult to understand but here are a few tips to make your experience more enjoyable. As you walk into any casino sports book, the first thing you notice is what they call the "Board". This lists all the bets and teams that the sports book is taking. This board includes all sports.

One of the most popular ways to bet is by using a parlay card. Lets take look at an example - any given week in the NFL, there are perhaps 15 games being played. As the bettor, you would select the games you think are a lock for your teams to win. Let's say there are 6 games you are very confident about. On the back of the parlay card there is a payout schedule for six games which is 20 to 1. If you win all six games you will win 20 times your original bet. Just remember, you only get paid if you win all of the games you bet on.

The money line is also a very popular bet in the casino. The money line is a bet on a single game that does not include a point spread. On the board, bettors will see a game and each team will have two numbers associated with them. The first is the number used by the sports book to determine the team. The second number will be something like -170 or +170, if the number has a - symbol in front of it that means you must bet $170 to win $100. If there is a + symbol before the number that means you must bet $100 to win $170.

The run line is basically the same thing, although during these games players are receiving points. This is one of the most popular bets in the casino because run line bets tend to pay better odds than money line bets. Keep in mind it is much more difficult to pick run line bets than money line bets, which is why they pay better odds.

These are just a few of the most popular bets in the casino sports book. None of these bets are exclusive to football, but other sports are also involved in money line, run line and parlay betting. No matter what your sport, the casino is always ready to take your action.

The football season is also the perfect time to try some of the world-class Las Vegas golf courses. October through December is one of the best times to bring your sticks on a golf trip to Las Vegas. The golf courses are in great condition and the rates tend to be lower during this slower time of the year. There are several great deals currently on the web that will save you tons of money - money that you can put on your favorite game.