The Lexington Course at Revere Golf Club

The Lexington Course at Revere Golf Club

The Lexington Course at Revere Golf Club

From tee to green, the Lexington golf course at the Revere Golf Club is one of the most demanding golf courses in Las Vegas. Right from the start, players are faced with dramatic elevation changes and hazards to avoid. This golf course was designed by Billy Casper and Greg Nash, who have combined rugged desert areas with pristine swaths of grass. There is really no time to let your guard down, and if you do, the result will be a big number. Placing the ball in the middle of the fairway is critical to scoring well on this golf course. The Revere Golf Club Lexington is located in Henderson, Nevada in the Sun City Anthem housing development.

Like most golf courses in Las Vegas, Lexington recently closed for overseeding. This is always a difficult time for golf courses and can sometimes feel like a crap shoot to see if the grass will grow fast enough. As I played my round it was obvious they had not done as well as expected during this year's overseed closure.

The golf course had many thin spots and areas where the grass had not been cut. It should take about 2-3 more weeks before the course is back in great condition. The greens at the Revere Golf Club Lexington, were in good condition. They were fairly smooth and but were a little on the slow side.

The Lexington golf course is a classic desert design that challenges the golfer no matter which tees you are playing. Several times during the course of the round you will have to hit irons off the tee to put the ball in the best position. A perfect example of this is the par-4 6th hole. This short, downhill hole only measures 384 yards from the back tee.

Driver is not the play off this tee, as the fairway becomes extremely narrow in the landing area and getting the ball in the fairway is critical here. The best line off the tee is over the bunker on the right-hand side of the fairway. The ground is heavily banked from right to left - any shot hit right will kick back toward the fairway.

Once in the fairway, you will be left with a short iron into a green that is guarded by a pond on the front right of the green. Be sure to check the pin position as this green has several undulations and slopes that could lead to a three-putt.

The worst hole at the Revere Golf Club Lexington is also perhaps the most intriguing. As you stand on this tee you may ask questions like, "What was the architect thinking on this hole?" The par-4 10th hole is difficult to describe but even harder to play. It will take several trips around this golf course to develop a strategy to play this hole. The hole plays on 379 yards from the farthest tee but, you might want to hit a long iron off this tee. This hole plays extremely downhill to a fairway that doesn't have a flat lie in it.

The best line off the tee is over the bunker on the left side of the fairway. A solid tee shot will leave the player between 80-100 yards to a very narrow and demanding green. The easiest shot on this hole is the tee ball, but even that will make a grown man whimper. The second shot on this hole is to a green that angles away from the fairway and has a ravine in the front and bunkers behind the green.

Your best bet on this hole is to aim for the middle of the green and to HOPE your ball has enough spin to hold the green. Players who come to this hole playing well could easily see a 7 or 8 on their scorecard on the other side. This hole is right up there on the list of all-time worst designed golf holes in Las Vegas.

After you finish your round of golf be sure to stop by the clubhouse for a cocktail. The view from the bar and dining room is unmatched in Las Vegas. The giant panoramic window gives patrons a great view of the Las Vegas Strip. This view is even further enhanced at night when the Las Vegas Strip is lighted.