Rio Secco Golf Club Demanding But Friendly

Rio Secco Golf Club Demanding But Friendly

Rio Secco Golf Club Demanding But Friendly

The Rio Secco Golf Club prides itself on having great golf course conditions and I recently had a perfect opportunity to see how the golf course faired during overseeding. Rio Secco really does overseeding right by closing down for almost three weeks before allowing golfers back on the golf course. This can make a big difference in the how quickly the grass will grow and what type of base will be established for the winter season.

The customer service at the Rio Secco Golf Club is some of the best you will find in any golf course in Las Vegas. The addition of the T-Mate program only enhances the customer service offered to the guests here. This T-Mate program, which is optional, allows a group to schedule a caddy to assist them as they play the golf course. These caddies are some of the most beautiful women in Las Vegas. Not only do they have the looks, but they also have a knowledge of the golf course that will aid almost any golfer.

The longest par-4 on the golf course is the 2nd hole. This hole plays 489 yards from the back tee but is slightly downhill and so feels a bit shorter than the card yardage. There are bunkers on both the right and left side of the fairway, but the landing area between them is fairly generous. The best play is to take a driver and bomb it right down the middle of the fairway.

Most players will be left with a second shot of over 200 yards into this green. The front part of this green is undefended and players will be able to run the ball onto this green from the fairway. This is a large green, so it is important to know where the pin is to get as close as possible. The greens at Rio Secco are usually fast and have a lot of undulations on them. These greens can reach speeds of over 11 on the stempmeter.

Rio Secco has done a fine job with their overseeding program. The golf course was in great condition. The golf course only overseeds the fairways, tees, and greens, so the rest of the golf course will turn yellow as the grass goes dormant. At this time the grass still had a tint of green and hadn't yet reached its full yellow color. The only other real distraction on the golf course was the checkerboard fairways.

Rio Secco is constantly trying to improve the condition of the golf course and part of this is to replace dead or dying turf with new fresh turf. Often, the grass that is replaced is a different color than the grass surrounding it. These different colors of grass create what may best be described as a checkerboard. The different grass does not, however, effect the consistency of the fairways - it is only visually distracting.


You finish a round at Rio Secco Golf Club by playing two par-5's back to back. Holes 17 and 18 are both par-5's but that is where the similarities end. The 17th hole is very reachable and only measures 512 yards from the back tee. Two good shots will put the player on the green with a great chance for birdie.

The 18th hole is very long - it will take three good shots to reach the green. From the back tees this hole measures 634 yards. The best play on this hole from the tee is between the bunkers that are located on each side of the fairway. You should get some extra roll with the hard fairways and downhill slant to this hole.

On the second shot, you want to leave the ball at a comfortable distance that will give you the best chance to get close to the hole. The green on this hole is large and not very difficult to hit. There is a bunker on the right side of the green and several collection areas that surround the green. The deep grass bunkers that surround this green can be difficult to get up and down from.

After your round, head to the bar to watch some football, settle up bets and enjoy a snack from their full service menu. The bar staff is friendly and makes for the perfect way to finish off a great day at Rio Secco.

Rio Secco Golf Club is located in Henderson, Nevada and is home to the Butch Harmon Golf Academy. Located just a short 25 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip, this golf course was designed by Rees Jones and opened in 1997. Today this is one of the most popular and difficult golf courses in Las Vegas.